Team Task - To-do with friends

team task

You can now control your to-do or your team to-dos with your friends, partner, family or colleague.

The app will use the same account of "Event Budget and Expense Book". So you can store more data by just installing Event Budget, if you want.

Free and no ads!!

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Log in


The app requires log-in.

You can login with Google, Facebook or email by creating the account.

If you use Event Budget and Expense Book App, you can login with its account.

Log in Status

login status

Once you logged in, you can check your status or change the setting.

At SEARCH BY, you can set if you show your email or name for anybody to search you.
If you have not set user-name and disable both settings (like the image), nobody will find you.

To share the event in the future, please fill user-name at least, or temporary turn on SEARCH BY for your friend to request you at each time.

Although, somebody became a your FRIEND, he/she can not see your all data beside you add him/her to a event's member.

Log out


Whenever, you can stop to use the app or change to another account.

From Settings page, you can go to this page, as the image. You can just log out (keeping the data) or log out and remove the account and its all data.

How to Use: about events

Main View

main view

The example image is this app's main view and you can see 3 types:

  • First box shows DONE. This means you completed all to-dos in the event.

  • At second box, light blue means you have done, pink means you have not done and time limit is passed. If you did not do but time is remain or no time-limit, it will show with gray color.
    The number means how many to-dos are still remained.

  • Third one means that you have not set any to-dos for this event yet.

Create/edit Event

create event

For this app, you need to make a event, group, at the first.

At each event, you can select members, only yourself or sharing with your friends.
or you can make the event with your rule, for example, by interval or from your plans, like traveling, party or exam e.t.c.

Well, as the easiest way to create a event, you just type a title and save it.

Category: see below for the detail about category.

Date: you can set start and end date for the event. If you want to set time for to-do, we recommend to set the date too.

you can edit the detail at anytime by coming back here.

Create/edit Category

edit category

Category is to categorize events.

Currently, this function will help you to set color for events in the main view, like the top image on this page.

We will add more features soon.


How to Use: control to-dos

To-do List View

todo list

When you tap the event, this view will be shown and you can see 3 different background colors;

  • White: this is the to-do you have not done yet and time is not over or no time limit.

  • Pink: this is the to-do you have not done yet and time is over.

  • Light Blue: you have done already.

You can quickly add new to-to by typing a title in the box at the top.

If you simply tap the to-do, the status will be changed. To avoid accidental tap, the edit view will be popped up if you tap blue background row.

If you swipe the row, you can see the link to delete and edit.

Create/edit To-do item

todo edit

To just add the to-do, you can write a title at the top box on To-do List View.

At this view, you can set time limit date, or edit the to-do. (Short cut way: long press on the to-do box in Main View. *you need setting.)

If you set start/end time when making the event, you can easily set "by the end of the event" or "before the event". As well, you can choose any time or no time limit.

Event Detail Popup

show detail

When you tap the title in the navigation bar, the event detail view will be popped up.

There are some basic event information and also the link to the event editing view. *The link will only be shonw if you created the event.

To-do with friends

Make a Friend

setting view

First of all, you need to request and accept Friend.
You can control Friend at Setting page.

See how to make Friend

Add members

add members

If you have Friends, you can add member to the event at the event adding/editing page.

This setting should be done for each event, so don't worry if your Friends can see all your events.

Main View with friends

main view with friend

After sharing the event, the view is slightly changed.
The graph is change and has 2 circles.

  • The bigger circle shows the overall progress.

  • The number also show how many to-dos are remained totally.

  • The inner circle shows your progress.

You can see all members name at the bottom in the box too.

List View for shared event

list view with friend

List view is also changed to support multi-members.

First, there is extra color, gray color. This means someone, not you, have to do this to-do.

Secondly, you can see the number in the circle. This means how many people did and how many people are in charge of this to-do.
For example, 1/2 means 1 person did and totally 2 members should do.

When all members did, the row will be light blue and show DONE.

Create/edit To-do item with friend

edit todo with friend

Although you shared the event with your Friends, everybody will not do all same to-dos. so you can select the people who should do the to-do.

You can not change the specific member's status, but resetting all members' status is possible here.



If you allow Notification and set the date for to-do items, the app will alert you when the time limit for to-dos is over.


We can login this app with the account of Event Budget and Expense Book. Do you mean using the same database and can I use both together?

Yes, you are right and you can. You can open the event data with both Team Task and Event Budget.

Team Task focuses on To-do and improve the view and add notification, so you can select to use either app for each your purpose. For example, you use Event Budget to control expense and budget and use Team Task for To-do.

What is this app different from Event Budget and Expense Book?

We make the app for users to use to-do more simply.
Event Budget is our main app and has more functions, but the main feature is still to control expense and budget.
But your some events may not need to store expenses and budgets. We hope you install both apps and choose them for your event or purpose.