Event Budget and Expense Book

Event Budget is a household book made with new concept.

You can store and check your expenses and budgets everyday or plan events, such as traveling, party or any activities with your friends, partner, family or colleague.

You can also save to-dos and discuss with other members!

event budget

Heart Rate Book

Heart Rate Book shows your heart rate data from health app nicely and easily.

You can check your heart rate data with the graph and data such as average, max and min.

* The app does not have the function to measure your heart rate.

heart rate

Team Task - ToDo with friends

You can now control your to-do or your team to-dos with your friends, partner, family or colleague.

The app will use the same account of "Event Budget and Expense Book". So you can save the expenses/budgets by just installing Event Budget, if you want.

Free and no ads!!

team task

Clocks Checker - Check World Timezone

Clocks Checker will help you to know local time for different cities.

This is really useful for international teleconference or calling to your friends, family or co-workers during trip in different timezone.

Lite version is also available

clocks checker

Count Down Up

Count Down Up lets you create and check countdown or count up time.

The app show time until and since the set date with nice graph.
You can select colors and 100% compatible to iPad.

Free and no ads!!

count down up

Clocks Checker Lite

Clocks Checker Lite is Lite version of Clocks Checker.

When you travel to another country, the time is often different from your local time. This will help you to check time in different timezone.

Standard version, no-ads and with extra settings, is also available.

clocks checker


dCal is a calendar client application and supports Apple local calendar and Google Calendar. This app focuses on easy to input and check schedules.

dCal supports iPad as well as iPhone. It may help you to use Google Calendar.

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