Heart Rate Book

heart rate

Heart Rate Book shows your heart rate data from health app nicely and easily on your iPhone or Apple watch.

You can check your heart rate data with the graph and data such as average, max and min.

* The app does not have the function to measure your heart rate.

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access health

Heart Rate Book shows your heart rate data from Health app, so the app need your permission to access your health data in Health app.

Please turn them on. Then the app can show the data.

See Privacy Policy


Daily Information

daily info

This area shows the average, max and min heart rate for you to check quickly and easily. It will show the latest data too if the date is today.

The circle shows max and min for life (whole data in the iPhone) with gray color and max and min for the day with red color.

Detail Graph and Table

detail graph

This area shows 2 types of the graph, such as detail and weekly graph, and also table. The color can be changed with Color Customize (option).

Detail Graph: When tapping the point in the bottom graph, Continuous Graph, it will show the graph with shorter interval, 5 mins.

Weekly Graph: This shows data for last 7 days.

Table: Table shows average, max and min for each interval of the day, last 7 days, last 1 month and life.

When you tap a point on the graph, it will show time and heart rate of average, max and min.

Continuous Graph

continuous graph

This is the main graph for this app. It shows your heart rate on the continuous scrollable graph.

When scrolling the graph, The above 2 views are also followed and show the daily information.

When you tap or move the gauge on/to a pont, the detail graph will show with shorter interval in the second view, "Detail Graph and Table" area.

Month View


Calendar view is also available. You can quickly jump to the date and also see month graph here.




The app provides watch app too. You can check your heart rate on your Apple watch.
The watch version app shows the latest heart rate and the graphs for the last 1 hour and today.

Color Customize (Option)

You can change the colors as you like. For this option, you need to pay at in-app purchase.

Color Setting

color setting

You can change the background color for the main and the graphs with gradation* or solid color.
You can select brightness of gradation* with white or black. Gradation is for the graphs.
Graph line and gauge line colors can be changed too.

Example of customized view

color changed

This is an example of the customized view.

This view is set, as the settings in the above image, and uses the gradation color for the graph and also changes main background, graph line and gauge colors from the default.


The app does not show any data.

First of all, check Health App to allow this app to access your health data, and also the data exists there. Our app does not measure your heart rate.
Sometimes, Health App have not updated the data automatically. Please open Health app, go to "Heart Rate" and "All Recorded Data", and then wait for it to be updated.

Time is passed, but the graph does not go forward.

The graph data at each point includes data in the future time in each interval.
For example, time is 16:30 now, the data at 16:00 in 60 mins interval is the average data between 16:00 and 16:30. The graph will change after 17:00.
At any points, it is the same. The data at the point is always the average in the interval.