Event Budget and Expense Book

event budget

What is the most important to plan an event? Why not do you think and control it with your friends?!
Event Budget is a kind of household book made with new concept.

You can store and check your expenses and budgets everyday or plan events, such as traveling, party or any activities with your friends, partner, family or colleague.

You can also control to-dos and discuss with members!

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Log in


The app requires log-in.

You can login with Google, Facebook or email by creating the account.

If you use Team Task App, you can login with its account.

Log in Status

login status

Once you logged in, you can check your status or change the setting.

At SEARCH BY, you can set if you show your email or name for anybody to search you.
If you have not set user-name and disable both settings (like the image), nobody will find you.

To share the event in the future, please fill user-name at least, or temporarily turn on SEARCH BY for your friend to request you at each time.

Although, somebody became a your FRIEND, he/she can not see your data beside you invite a event.

Log out


Whenever, you can stop to use the app or change to another account.

From Settings page, you can go to this page, as the image. You can just log out (keeping the data) or log out and remove the account and its all data.

How to Use: create a event

Main View

main view

This image is about main view of Event Budget. The list will be divided by year and also before/after today.

By long press on the row, Quick Add View will be shown.

At the upper right, you can add a new event. At the upper left, you can go to Settings, if there is a friend request, it has a red circle.

"Plans" is the link to the view of Plans list. See create a plan for the detail about Plans

Main View Detail

main view detail

Now, we describe each part in a row with the numbers in the image.

  1. This is category mark and color. If you did not set the mark, it will show the first letter of the category name. If you do not select a category, there is nothing here.

  2. The graph shows the ratio of expense and budget.

  3. These are main information, such as title, start/end date and current sum of expense and budget.

  4. Pink: this means the event is shared with your friend. No mark means it is private event.

  5. Light Blue: this means you created the event.

  6. Light green: this means there are to-dos.

If you swipe the row of the event you created, the menu, delete/edit, will show up.

Create/edit Event

edit event

This is create/edit Event page. The event creator only can come here for edit.

  • First group: you can set general information.

    • Title: event title

    • Share: you can select the members for this event.

    • Category: category mark and color will show in the main view or detail of the event.

    • Use default category: at Settings, you can set default category.

    • Plan: you can select and use the plan, see create a plan for the detail.

  • Second group: it is about start date and end date. You can select weekly, monthly or yearly interval or custom date.

  • Third group: you can write description for the event.

  • Last group: it is for currency mark. If you leave blank, the event will use default one that you can set in Settings.

Our service is cloud base. You can use the app offline, but the data need to be upoloaded to save safely.

Create/edit Category

edit cat

Category is to categorize events.

Category color and mark will show in Main View and the event detail.

We will add more features soon.

*Don't make the budget here, the category will just help visually, not about data.


Expense & Budget View

From here, We describe the detail view for each event. You can set the default view in Settings.
There are 3 main functions and ,at first, expense and budget page and this page also has 3 different views.

Expenses by budget View

cost by budget view

This view shows the list of expenses divided by budget types. The budgets are listed by alphabetical order.

If the first letter is uppercase, it will be before lowercase. We recommend unifying uppercase or lowercase.


  • When you tap blue circle button, you can add new expense item. You can move the button, if you can not see the table well.

  • When you swipe the row, the menu, edit/delete, will be shown.

  • When you tap the row, the pop-up for the item's detail will be shown.

If you did not select Budget in adding/editing expense page, it will be placed into "Other items".

Expenses by Date View

cost by date view

This view shows the expenses separated by date. The background is corresponded to the selected budget.

You can do the same actions as above view, "Expenses by budget View".

Budgets with Graph View

budget with graph view

The graph contains 2 circles and the bigger circle is about budget and thicker one is for expenses.

The table shows budgets list and the graph in each row shows ratio of how much has already been spent in the budget.

  • Blue circle button: you can add new expense item. You can move the button, if you can not see the table well.

  • Green square button: you can add new budget item.

  • When you tap the row in the table or arc in the graph, the pop-up for the budget item's detail will be shown.

  • When you swipe the row, the menu, edit/delete for budgets, will show.

Pop-up for detail

popup view

The pop-up for expense detail will be shown by tapping the row in the expense list views and the pop-up for budget will be shown at Budget with Graph View.

Moreover, if you tap the event title in the navigation bar, the event detail will show.

Create/edit Expense item

edit cost

This is adding/editing expense item View. You can set the followings;

  • name

  • price: cost/expense amount

  • budget: select corresponded budget

  • date: set the time and date

  • location: use GPS data, search and select the location or write the place name manually

  • notes: free writing space for the expense.

Our service is cloud base. You can use the app offline, but the data need to be upoloaded to save safely.

Create/edit Budget item

edit budget

This is adding/editing budget item View. You can set the followings;

  • name

  • mark: the mark will be used in the graph or list

  • budget: set budget value

  • color: select color to show the list and graph nicely

  • notes: free writing space for the budget.


To-do View and Discuss View

To-do List View

todo view

This view will show to-dos with 3 different types by changing color.

  • White mark: this is the to-do you have not done yet and time is not over or no time limit.

  • White mark and Pink background: this is the to-do you have not done yet and time is over.

  • Green Mark: you have done already and it can be in "Completed items".

If you have done, you simply tap the to-do and the status will be changed. To avoid accidental tap, edit view will be popped up if you tap a completed item.

If you swipe the row, you can see the menu, delete and edit.

Create/edit To-do item

edit todo

To just make the to-do, you can write a title on To-do List View.

At this view, you can set date and change the status or the title.

You can select date from "Not Specify", "Before the event", "By the end of the event" or "Set time". "Set time" means that you can freely select date.

Discuss View

discuss view

At this view, you can discuss with other members in the event, as real-time chat.

We are thinking of changing this function for notes or something else. If you have suggestions or requests, please let us know.


Plans View

A Plan is a kind of the event format. If you use this app for weekly or monthly events or use it longer. There may be the similar events. If so, just use Plan!

Plan List View

plan list

The view will show the list of your plans. By tapping the row, you can go to see the detail and find the link to create an event.

By swiping the row, the menu, delete/edit, will be shown as usual.

Create/edit Plan View

edit plan

This is the main view to create/edit plans.

  • title

  • description

  • share: you can share plans with friends too.

  • Add Budgets: once tapping here, you can set budgets for the plan. See the following view.

  • Add To-dos: once tapping here, you can set to-dos for the plan. See the following view.

  • currency: you can set original currency mark here. After converting an event, you can change it at the event setting.

Add Budgets in Create/edit Plan View

edit budget for plan

Here, you can add budgets for the plan.

Add To-dos in Create/edit Plan View

edit todo for plan

Here, you can add to-dos for the plan.

Create an event with Plan

create event with plan

Once, creating the plan, you can convert the plan to an event with budgets and to-dos anytime.

After converting, you just fix some details.

Modify Budgets to create an event with Plan

edit budget to create event with plan

Although you want create the event with a plan, you may want to change the total value.

Before creating the event, you can change the value and use the ratio only.

Of course, you can edit the detail in the event after converting.


Make Friends

One of our main feature is that you can share the event data with your friends. Here, we describe how to invite or accept Friend and then tell how to share the event in the next section.

Some people may read it for "Team Task" App. Please read through this section and go back.

Search a friend

search a friend

Go to "Settings" and then "Search a Friend".

Type your friend user-name, first-name, last-name or email completely in the search box.

For security reason, there is not the predict search. You should fill it properly. Otherwise, the result will be none.

If you want to search your friend with name or email, your friend must turn on "Enable" for it.

Request Friend

request a frined

If you found your friend, just tap the name. Then you can see the pop-up alert, like the image.

If OK, tap "Request".

For security reason, when request, your name and email will be sent to your friend.

That's it. Please wait for your friend to accept.

Receive Friend request

accept a friend

From now, this is invitee side of view.

If there is a request, you can see a red circle on the Settings button in Main View or check it in Settings View.

Go "Settings" and then "Friend List"

Now, you can see inviter's information and tap the "accept?".

Accept Friend

accept a friend

Once you tapped "accept?", you can see more detail and select the action.

  • Accept

  • Refuse

  • Later: no action

When the invitee accepted the request, both of them can add another person to the event.
The friend can only see the event data you add him/her to the members.

If you came from Team Task page, Please go back Team Task page and read next part.

Share events with friends

If there are Friends, you can share the event with some of them.

*Friends only can see your events that you add them to the members.

Add members

share with friend

Go to the adding/editing event page and tap Share and then select Friends.

Now, Share becomes "FRIENDS" from "PRIVATE", the event data is shared with the members.

Expense and Budget View in the shared event

expense and budget with friend

In Expense and Budget View, there is not big change but all members can add/edit expenses and budgets. *The event creator only can edit the event, including the members.

Moreover, the names will be displayed at some places, to know who have added expenses or budgets.

To-do View in the shared event

todo with friend

At To-do View, there are quite lots of changes to support multi users.

In the image, there is the light green mark, circle, and this means that you have done but other members did not.
But if you have not done but others did, the mark is white because marks are basically for you, so if you did not, it is always white color.

Secondly, since the task does not always need to be done by everybody, you can select the people from the members in the adding/editing to-do page.

*You can not change the specific member's status, but you can reset all members status in the editing page.



We introduce some functions, here.

Quick Add View

quick add view

At Main View, by pressing the event row longer, not tapping, Quick Add View will be popped up.

At this view, you can add expense, budget or To-do to the event you pressed.

If you want to set more detail, just tap "more..." and you can see the standard adding/editing view for expense, budget or to-do.

Setting View


This is Settings view.

You can find Friends or go to Login status. Moreover, you can set the default settings.

  • VIEW: this is for the initial view when you open the event detail.

  • EVENT:

    • Week Start: this is for calculation of weekly interval.

    • Default Cateogry: See next part "Default Category View" for the detail.

  • CURRENCY: you can set the default currency mark. you can also the currency mark in the adding/editing event page for the event.

You can set any words for the currency mark before/after a price. For example, if you set "$" and prefix, the price will show like "$ 1,200". If you set "dollars" and suffix, the price can be "1,200 dollars".
You can set some local languages as well, like "1,200 ドル" (dollar in Japanese).

Default Category View

default cat settings

Here, you can select default categories for new event.

You can select the main default category and also select categories for intervals, weekly, monthly and yearly.

The category will be selected automatically if turing "Use default Category" on in the adding/editing event page.


Can I use the app without log-in

Yes, you can, but we now focus on developing the app with the cloud server.

We provide the local database version and you can not share the data to another your device or friends.
This version has limited functions, we still keep to maintain it but we won't add new functions any more. Please use the app with login.

What is this app different from Team Task?

We make Team Task for users to use to-do more simply.
Event Budget is our main app and has more functions, but the main feature is still to control expense and budget.
But your some events may not need to store expenses and budgets. We hope you install both apps and choose them for your event or purpose.

What is Emoji? How can I use it?

Emoji is Japanese and pictograph. You can type them with its original keyboard.

To type Emoji, You need to add Keyboard from iPhone Settings, it doesn't need extra installing.

Go "Settings", "General", "Keyboard" and then "Keyboards". If there is not "Emoji", go "Add New Keyboard..." and select "Emoji". Setting is done.

To use the keyboard, you need to switch to Emoji Keyboard, you may find the globe mark at the lower left in the keyboard, if you use Apple default keyboard.
Just tap it! You can see many pictures!! Slide it and find more and more!
It is suitable for a mark, isn't it?