Clocks Checker

clocks checker

Clocks Checker will help you to know local time for different cities.

This is really useful for international tel-conference or calling to your friends, family or co-workers during trip in different timezone.

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What you can do

What the app is

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The main purpose of this app is to know time in another place quickly. but it isn't a simple world clock.
For example, most of world clock show current time for each place only. This app will show time at any time, in the past or future, with supporting summer time/daylight saving time.

We ask you one question. Can you say L.A time at 19:00 on Nov. 2, 2016 in the U.K. quickly? With Clocks Checker, you can do!!

How to find time

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The answer is 12:00 on Nov. 2 2016 in L.A. and you can also know that it is still daylight time although summer time in the U.K is finished.
Moreover, you can know it is at 4:00 on Nov. 3, 2016 in Tokyo and .. Paris.. Bangkok and so on.

How to use? it is quite simple, you just tap the +/- buttons at the bottom. We prepare day, hour and minutes, so you just tap buttons until the time with looking at time for the local or some places.


Select places

country select

The app supports more than 1,000 regions. You may find your local or the city near your local.

*Disclaimer: although we do the best and carefully made the data, we do not guarantee if your region is available or the data accuracy.
If you found an obvious mistake, please let us know.

Select Color

setting color

You can change colors for main background, daytime color and night time color.

Select Time for color change

setting time

We separate the date to daytime and night time and show it with different color, to avoid the mistake ,for example, that you call your friend in too early morning, like 4AM.

Select Interval for buttons

interval setting

You can set the interval time for day, hour minutes for buttons to change time.

*The all above descriptions are based on Standard vaersion. Lite version can customize limited parts.


widget view

The app* supports widget, today extension, for iOS 8/9/10. You can quickly check the current time for some areas.

At setting, You can select how many areas show or choose if home time shows.

*Standard version only


What is Lite version different from Standard version?

  1. Lite version is free but ads will show.

  2. Lite version is limited customizing, for instance, interval for buttons or the number of color selection.

  3. Standard version supports widget.

  4. Lite version can show limited numbers of regions. *The cities list is the same as Standard version

We recommend Lite version to the person who sometimes travels another country or use it at the first time, Standard version to international business person or the person who travels a lot.